#48456 - Poap 13 - The Last AMA before Drop - poap.delivery


I would like to ask approval for the drop: #48456 - Poap 13 - The Last AMA before Drop . WIth POAP.Delivery.

After the last farming attempts, we changed the claiming process. The collectors had to follow the AMA in order to find out the process as we did not explained it before, and we did not write it anywhere.
In order to follow properly the guidelines, we also did not mention anywhere that a POAP was distributed during the AMA, and how.
To add another safety layer, we collected the addresses in a channel that was open only during the AMA. In the channel we used a bot, that limited the number of submission to 1 per user.

I also went personally through the file of addresses, and removed the addresses that have an high power (so that might be farmer). I don’t believe that this POAP could be farmed with a bot, as this process was not explained anywhere, and it was done for the first time (so there was not a way to set up a bot for it before).
I took this extra measure to make sure that POAPs are used only for their real purpose.

We had only one week to set this up, so we could not work on a more complex process.
We checked the bot suggested by the curators, but I would like to underline that is in Beta testing, and that for a Twitter AMA it would be as safe as using the POAP safeword (which we can’t use as it’s too easy to farm).
Now, we will look and try other solutions from now on, to make sure that farming is 100% avoided. If you have any suggestion for this, please let me know.

Our Site: https://brandversenft.com/

Thank you for your work,


hello @frankie can you give me an update about this please?


Hello, sorry to follow up again, but I would like to know if there is an update. @Fio @frankie.

The community keep asking us to have an update, a reason why we have a delay, or what is going on on this side (one example attached, we receive many every day). And for me it’s kind of difficult to follow up as my request is pending by a week now.
At least, if I know that the drop is not accepted and the reason why, I can follow up again.

Thanks for your time

Hey @Siberia7922

I’m sorry, but for some reason, we missed your post here on Discourse.

Curators approved 15 mint links for this drop. However, your petition for Delivery was rejected.

As a public good, the Proof of Attendance Protocol is dedicated to the preservation of memories and the creation of richer connections. Issuers have obligations to the ecosystem to participate in the sustainable deployment of this infrastructure, as well as the sustainable growth of the community around it.

Responsible issuance is a core responsibility of POAP issuers. Issuers are responsible for verifying the attendance of collectors at events, and for sizing drops responsibly.

Whenever you create a drop it’s important that you:

  • Verify participation: did X user participate in the event? How did he/she contribute?
  • Have a responsible distribution plan: ONLY eligible people (participants) should receive the POAPs.

My recommendations here are:

1- Give POAPs only on your important community calls: not all events are memorable.
2- Verify attendance - You can collect users’ info with a form, and ask them 2-3 questions that only attentive individuals can respond.
3- Another option is using POAPs secret with a short mint window (5-10 minutes).

Let me know if you have any questions.

All the best,

Hello, and thanks for your answer.
The time you took for give me this feedback is very appreciated.
I would like to follow up on your points, just to explain you my vision, as I am sure that it’s gonna be similar to the position of many other NFT startups, especially if bigger than ours.

1- We understood that, and we are planning to reduce the number. The last POAP that was not approved was the most memorable moment for our company: the launch of our first NFT collection. That was the biggest milestone achieved, and something that every community member would remember.

2- As we knew about this issue, we firstly tested the bot suggested by your curators. Unfortunately, if you try them, you will see that (1) they aren’t reliable, (2) they don’t avoid farming attempt, instead they distribute POAPs in basically the same way as you do already with “secret word” delivery method.

3- Short mint window might be a solution. The problem, is that on the drop side (our side), and on the curator side, there is not a valid and objective way to determine if the POAP was farmed or not, criteria are subjective.

I understand that curators check the “power” to see if the collectors are farmers. But I also know that there are degens, spending all day collecting NFTs, that could be easily able to collect 150 POAPs (example) in some months.

For our last drop, with a PIVOT table of our previous collectors (as we did 12 drops before this one), I checked the power of each wallet before re-uploading the list. I can say, that I am 100% sure that the last list uploaded has no wallet with an higher power than 25.

For this last drop, we collected addresses, through a private channel in our discord (open during the AMA only), where people had to add their wallet, and click submit (like you said, ask to take an action that only a human can do, this is what we have done). The process was done like that for the first time, and the methodology was explained to the community only by voice, during the AMA, this means that no one could set an automatic bot to follow the process automatically.

One last point: When a project grow, the risk of farming rises. And I agree, farming POAP must be avoided. But as an example, for the last drop I uploaded a list of 200 addresses, collected during a 1 hour AMA, in which there were always at least 140 people listening.

I would totally agree, if when someone upload an addresses list, the curator can decide to exclude some from the list, and deliver to the others. But refuse the drop, is a big damage for the company, because on 200 addresses, surely at least 160 people were real and legit, and those people have the right to complain if they don’t get the possibility to collect the POAP without a reason.

Sorry for the long message, I just wanted to explain my point and make sure that you understand how much we believe in POAP, but also how difficult is to work like this, without any objective criteria for approval, and without a official way to avoid farming.

Best regards,