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Hi everyone.
We submitted the #48255 petition 24 hours ago and would like to confirm the status of the petition. Please refer to the information below and let us know if you need any information or action.

1. Event ID:#48255

2. Community information


Info: Creative for fun! Dress and earn! Join us into DigiFun DAO!

Discord:DigiFun DAO

3. Nature of the event

**Description:**The Pride Parade is a parade held by the LGBT community in support of rights.
Around June and July, pride parades are held in well-known cities around the world, including London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Taipei, and more.
Decentraland’s Metaverse Pride Parade will kick off on June 11th at 9 pm UTC ,which unveils Decentraland’s commitment to creating an inclusive and open metaverse for the community.
DigiFun joins the Decentraland Pride Parade to support the LGBT community. We will distribute the POAP for all members in the parade.
After the parade, we will have an after party event on our own land (18, -66). We will cooperate with five projects to organize this party.

**Date:**June 11, 2022

Our Partners**:**
Glitch Magazine
Twitter: @offglitchmag
A fashion magazine merging physical & Digital Realms
Maximizing exporsure for web2 & 3 creative
A digital fashion house on Solana

DCL babydoll
Instagram: Login • Instagram

Twitter: @DCLBabyDolls

Making fun and celebrating artists and creators in Metaverse

Location: (-66,86)

Twitter: @Theirsverse
website:Theirsverse | Link3.to

Info: A web3 brand consists of NFT, virtual singer, art, toy and metaverse. Celebrating diversity and inclusion

Twitter: @modernlandworld

MODERNLAND:MEDIA 摩登地标旗下潮酷新生代数字媒体 :Fashion :Art :Music :Future

4. Distribution Method
We will put the poap in the poap machine, which is placed on the land of decentraland, and people can sign in and collect.

6. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
For those who are unable to attend places where Pride is celebrated, Metaverse Pride will be a safe, inclusive space where even in the LGTBQIA+ metaverse people exist and minorities will be named by more people. DigiFun is proud to be a part of this event and to build the future of the metaverse together.

Hey @DigiFun

Thanks for the info!
Which dispenser are you utilizing? Can you please share the link to it?

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hi @Fio
Thank you for your attention. Here is our dispenser link: https://poap.decentraland.org/.

hi @Fio
Sorry to bother you. We will use the poap machine in the decentraland to distribute the poap. Could you let me know if the link is ok?

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