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  3. To celebrate a unique style of event and celebrate DJ PRITHVI music
  4. 600-800 tickets are being printed the intention is print poap qr codes along with that to reserve theor poap for future events
    Kept an additional 100 for team and incase of emergency
  5. Technically its not being held since i just made but would love to speed up the process since i need to print them for the event on 11th


I have come to realize that I might have not filled enough info to explain the event better so I will trying to expand upon the above

To start of

What is this event:

To address this I will first talk about the artist DJ Prithvi

DJ Prithvi is without a doubt one of India’s most essential, influential and popular young DJ’s. Deciding at a very young age of 16, that his only career path will be one in music. Prithvi has quickly molded his reputation as one of the scene’s most promising young talent.

Prithvi’s creative process exists of re-inventing music styles, taking risks in regards to the sound he creates and most importantly staying ahead of the masses. Holding 5 Biggest Club Residencies in Bangalore, in the last 8 years, Prithvi has been able to understand the audience and adapt to their taste while keeping his originality in the music. DJ Prithvi has also been featured in various magazines, national newspapers and National Television for Interviews and showcases.

Prithvi has played for country’s biggest Festivals such as World’s Biggest Guestlist Festival, VH1 Supersonic 101, Sunburn Arenas and Sunburn Campuses, M tv Bollyland, Kingfisher W/ Indivibe Finalwave Goa Pre-Parties, VH1 10th Year Anniversary Sonicboom and more several occasions.

Career Highlights: Opening Sets for HARDWELL Closing Sets for Lost Frequencies, GTA and over 100 International Artists Nomination for India’s Best Hip Hop DJ by VH1 MyFavDJ Awards Played for over 1,20,000+ Audience Shared Stages with Dragonette, Nucleya and more.

To know visit: Login • Instagram

To celebrate his success the team has decided to distribute POAPs to everyone who will be there to celebrate his birthday bash event at KittyKo on June 11th

Who is getting these POAPs?

To celebrate all the members of the community who have supported DJ Prithvi and continues to support, we intend to distribute these POAP to only individuals with a valid ticket purchased to celebrate DJ Prithvi’s Birthday bash at KittyKo on June 11th

How are we distributing them?

We plan to distribute 800 tickets with qrcode for POAP redemption. Additional 100 will be reserved for members of the team and incase on any last minute bookings that come up for the event. Since its a physical event, there always a chance of additional walk in at the time of event.

We’re super excited to be building on top of POAP and are grateful for your support. Please let us know if you have any questions or recommendations on how we can improve our process and we look forward to growing the POAP ecosystem with you.

Hey @Redreed

Awesome! Thank you so much for all the info!
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Here are some tools that will help you with distribution:

  1. Magic Dispenser: it’s a dynamic QR code to distribute your mint links. Here’s how to set it up.
  2. QR code printer: Print individual QR codes.

Let us know if you have any questions!

Enjoy your event :slight_smile: