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Event Description
Garage Italia - FuoriSalone 2022. The occasion is one of the most important events in Italy during the Design Week in Milan, where the most prestigious companies and brands will take part in it. Garage Italia will take part in it, IRL.

The specific Event for the creation of the POAP, is a private party on ONE (1) evening-night of the week (8 June) where people to attend are part of an invite list. The event is close to the public.

The POAP commemorate Garage Italia by taking part in this important event with themes of Eco-green, Time, and Space. Garage Italia is an automotive company that pushes the idea of electric vehicles, innovating vintage Italian cars and customizing the modern. It’s also a creative agency, that has an interest in web 3 and in POAP utilities.

Title POAP
Garage Italia x FuoriSalone 2022

Official Copy on the POAP (ITA):

Garage Italia Customs partecipa al FuoriSalone 2022 e presenta #OutOfSalone , un evento innovativo e inaspettato, con una sorpresa…Special-e!
Out of The Blue, come il mantra che caratterizza il nostro approccio creativo.
L’animo visionario di Garage Italia si inserisce perfettamente nel tema di questa edizione, ridefinendo i concetti di Spazio e Tempo mutuati dalla rivoluzione digitale in atto.

Copy POAP ENG translation:

Garage Italia Customs takes part in the FuoriSalone 2022 and presents #OutOfSalone , an innovative and unexpected event, with a surprise… Special-e!. Out of The Blue, as the mantra that characterises our creative approach… The visionary spirit of Garage Italia fits perfectly into the theme of this edition, redefining the concepts of Space and Time borrowed from the digital revolution in progress.

Official Links
Garage Italia Instagram: @garageitalia
Garage Italia Website Garage Italia | Garage Italia
FuoriSalone https://www.fuorisalone.it/ (event during design week)

Distribution plan
We would love to have a minimum of 350 POAPs to distribute via the POAP Website (IRL) since we expect a high number of people attending to the exclusive party, displaying the QR code on a tablet or printing it at the venue. The official event will be for one only 1 day, in the evening hours; I’ve put the starting day earlier (in private mode) in order to be sure to be in time and prepare the POAP website.

For us POAP is not just a “way” of certificate the attendance of our community, but a method of communication focus on Digital and Web3 and all its potential. We will use POAPs to create ruffles and give access in the near future to the discord server and many other utilities for our creative community.

Thank you in advance!

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