#47800 Appeal Request

Event ID#: 47800

Description: We started a creative community for one of our influencers and announced at ComplexLand that new followers will receive a commemorative POAP. This occurred last week 5/25-27 and we received 130 new followers. This POAP is very important for us to share with this community as it is the first promised touch point of much more to come.
POAP is new to us and over the course of the last few days we have ran several tests to make sure we are proceeding correctly - its possible it’s currently being viewed as spam?

Date: 6/3/22

Codes Requested: 130

Distribution Method: POAP Website

Why do you think your review received a negative rating: POAP is new to us and over the course of the last few days we have ran several tests to make sure we are proceeding correctly. It’s possible that the Curator community sees this POAP as spam but I assure you it is not, and it’s super important to us. Now that we understand how to use POAP we would love to use it much more!

Hey @CvonStumm

Congrats, looks like your petition #47659 received a positive review for 130 mint links. You’re all ready to go! :rocket:

*Websites is not the appropriate method for this use-case and that’s why we made a negative review of petition #47800. Website is a good option for small-ish IRL events such as a birthday party.
You can learn more about distribution methods here: POAP Distribution Methods 101 | POAP Help Center

Let us know if you have any questions!

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

Hi Fio,

Actually, considering our method of delivery - we are not able to send individual minted links to individual followers via Laylo. With this, having one URL to share like the website URL is the best way for us to deliver the POAP.

Can we please continue reviewing the appeal for the website?

Hey @CvonStumm

Websites are appropriate for small-ish events, in real life, with short-ish mint windows. Usage outside this framework (particularly in virtual environments) will tend to result in exploitation (farming).

Do you have any contact information of the users?

Hi @Fio,

With Laylo, you sign up via text and we mostly have user SMS contacts so it would therefore be difficult to reach our audience with individual links.

We understand the risk of farming but do not anticipate this will be a problem with this crowd.

What steps can we take to help the approval of the POAP site? Limit the window it is available?

Hey @CvonStumm

I’m sorry but Website is not an option.
Issuers usually do manual distribution, we know it takes time and effort but it’s for the safety of the whole ecosystem.

If you have emails from your audience, you could use mail merge (here’s an example)

Thanks @Fio - this is a good learning for us for next time! Our main issue is that 80% of sign ups did not provide their email. We’ll figure out a way to distribute the 130 links that were approved

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