#47625 DROP [ 1HTV Radio ] HerDAO + Listening Party "Strawberry Blasst "

1. Drop ID #47625
2. Community information

3. Nature of the event
Radio program & interview DAO + held every 15 days in the 1Hive community
4. Distribution plan
The distribution plan is through direct link , Using the screenShot by myself. I make 1 Capture in the first half hour of the event one in the middle of it and another at the end!
5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
I have not received the minting links or approval of them! the event will take place in 6 hours from now.

Poap :

Banner Evento:

@Fio @frankie

Attached the following information!
Capture of the event Attendees!

@frankie @Fio

We always decided to use the method of sending links separately because if we used a secret phrase when mentioning it, one of those present could send it to another place!

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Hey @Rohekbenitez

Are you planning on distributing the 150 mint links manually?

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I will do it by direct message taking into account a sequence of captures that I have made during the transmission, I always do it manually !! :pray: @Fio

good morning @Fio @frankie , greetings from spain a consultation normally how long does the healing process take.
If you need me to send any other type of information, indicate it:
I attach the youtube link at the time the program was executed!

What other information is required for approval?

Hey @Rohekbenitez
Curators made a positive review of your petition, congrats! :rocket:

For future events: Please add the Degen bot to your Discord server to track attendance and distribute the PAOPs automatically.

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

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Excellent I will speak directly with the moderators of server discord so that they add said bot.
Have a great start to the week and Thanks to the Poap.xyz team good vibes!

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