#47519 POAP Delivery "Stuck"

I am having an issue with the delivery aspect of the POAPs.

I created an event successfully, but I am unable to deliver the POAPs via the delivery page. Something went wrong when I tried to create a delivery. The first error mentioned a “socket”, but I didn’t catch the whole error. The second error I received when trying to resubmit the delivery stated a “slug already existed”. I assume this has to do with the delivery URL being the same as the first time I tried to submit it. I also did not enter an email address, I annotated the Edit Code when it displayed on screen.

I found the url of the delivery event (POAP - The bookmarks of your life) and it has all the information I filled out correctly, including the addresses. But when I try and submit it again using the edit code previously provided, it says I have an incorrect Edit Code.

I want to avoid changing any of the data with the delivery of the POAPs as I’m a representative of the group issuing the POAPs but not a decision maker.

I think it’s just “stuck”. Ultimately, the delivery is correct as-is, and if I could issue it, I would. Any advice?

Hey @Gaditonecy

Thanks for your patience!
Apparently, there was a problem with our system.

Now it’s solved! Here’s your Delivery link :slight_smile: POAP ✈️ | OnionDAO - Tor Node Operator May 2022

Thank you so much! It’s working and you were able to help me keep the data the same. I’m curious, was the problem caused by something I did? I want to make sure I avoid any behavior or actions that can cause a similar problem in the future.

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Hey @Gaditonecy

No, it was an internal issue.

BTW, I love your POAP artwork! Really nice :star_struck: