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I had exceeded the time frame for the secret word distribution , I have fixed the time zone now to the same time
#47084 - Brenda Stone’s Spotlight VIP appearance on "About That with Pam & Peg "

This special POAP is to commemorate Brend Stone Artist’s first VIP spotlight appearance on the “About That with Pam & Peg” twitter spaces show . The POAP will be limited to 200 of the audience members and will be distributed via secret word live during the 60 minutes by the host of the show Pamela Kerr . The POAP has original artwork created by the artist herself , Brenda Stone and is a uniquely curated piece especially for this event .

Thank you so much

Good afternoon , just checking on the progress of this matter . Thank you

Hey @Irishfairy

Thanks for your patience!
When is the event?

Hi Fio , it was last week sadly , however we repeat the show tomorrow , so if we could have it for the same time on Thursday AEST that would be so helpful . Much appreciated .

Hi @fiorellascantamburlo could we get it approved for our show tomorrow please and thank you for the same 90 minutes ?