#46961 Awaiting Approval with more info

  1. Drop ID: #46961
  2. Community Information
    The OpenDAO Community snapshot to rename the PFP project0
  3. Nature of the event
    To rename out Lunar PFP Project by core contributor cborg.eth. If this was passed, a new name will be assigned, otherwise it will remain the same.
  4. Distribution plan
  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    I submitted the request form, two days ago, no reply at all. This maybe the last way to solve the problem.

Link of OpenDAO snapshot: Snapshot

OpenDAO: https://twitter.com/The_OpenDAO

Hey @Dr.BTC

We’re happy to check on the status of your snapshot linking request.

We’re taking a look now and will get back to you as soon as possible — we appreciate your patience :pray:

Thanks for your time and efforts!