#46920 -- The first "Metaverse Age" new book launch in the Metaverse

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通证朋克发起人,畅销书《NFT》、《元宇宙时代》、《通证设计》、《众创》作者。加密经济忠实信仰者和资深投资人,4年200倍投资回报。区块链资深布道者,累计培训学员10000+,服务企业100+。 TokenBrother通证一哥推特:@tokenbrother TokenPunk全球华人社区Discord:TokenPunks 全球華人社區 我们的理念: 不做短线、不谈技术、不搞投机,专注价值投资! 我们的领域: NFT、Web3、元宇宙 我们的宗旨: 教你站在上…


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Because Twitter and YouTube discord cannot be used in China, these social platforms basically do not have many users, but I have more than 50,000 fans on Chinese platforms such as Toutiao, bilibili, and Kuaishou. Please check carefully.

    3.Nature of the event

This is a “Metaverse Age” new book launch, and users are invited to come and learn about my new book and watch the speech videos of me and my invited guests. Then, we can communicate on-site and even take photos with the author.This is the first Metaverse-related new book launch in Decentraland and the Metaverse, which is of great historical significance.

    4.Distribution Method

Users play parkour games on the spot, or take photos with the author and enter the discord lottery for distribution.

    5.Why do you believe this petition is being held?

(1) As the launch of a rare metaverse book in the world, this is of great significance in itself. The book is in Chinese, where the metaverse concept is very popular.
(2) Holding a new book launch in the Metaverse, this theme fits very well.
(3) The author of this book has a fan base of more than 50,000 in China, and many people will definitely come to participate. At that time, it will be broadcast live on China’s mainstream social platforms, which will definitely add many new users to decentraland.

We were aimed at next thursday,but this will depend on when we get poap. We are using decentraland poap dispenser.
thank you very much!