#46605 - Ibn Inglor's 'DANGERZONE' NFT Listening Party at imnotArt Chicago 22-05-27

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Distribution: Disc or Dispenser
Description: Join us in launching Chicago rapper, Ibn Inglor’s ‘DANGERZONE’ NFT via Silent Disco Listening Party!
About this event
Born and raised in Southside Chicago, Ibn Inglor is an alternative hip-hop artist who is making major waves in web3. Prior to selling his first music NFT Ibn had released a few projects that garnered attention from major publications. His distinctive sound as well as his dedication to exploring original ideas had his earlier releases featured in FADER Magazine, Complex, Noisey, and had him listed in Complex’s annual “25 New Rappers to Watch Out For”.
DANGERZONE is both a euphemism for the listener (giving his audience a glimpse into the dangers and realities of growing up in one of Chicago’s most violent neighborhoods) while trying to make it as an artist, as well as an olive branch to the young kids growing up in that same community. The Danger Zone DAO is taking a portion of the proceeds from his music NFT project and using it to create computer science scholarships that will be given to students from his alma mater. The goal of the scholarship fund is to help more kids from his community get into web3. A few web3 organizations have already agreed to match and support his scholarship fund, and Ibn’s team is hoping to make this an annual thing to set an example for NFT artists on how to create value for both their communities and the web3 community.
Date & Time
Friday, May 27th, 7 - 10 PM CST
1010 N. Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL
OR via our Cryptovoxels space.

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