#46581 Website request approval

  1. Drop ID #46581
  2. Community information
    Japanese academic “tech in society” researchers from 3 different institutes.
  3. Nature of the event
    Small group of Japanese researchers brought together for an offsite series of web3 workshops.
  4. Distribution plan
    The website address will be shared during this small workshop setting and participants walked through process of claiming.
  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    Distribution context was not clear (quite small group, controlled access) and issuers seem wary of Website method (fair enough).

II am asking that this Website request please be approved since it is such a small and controlled group and drop. Thank you.


Are you familiar with the POAP Magic Dispenser?
It is more secure than using POAP.webiste. ( I will still have you request reviewed!)

POAP Magic QR Video Tutorial

It can be displayed across multiple devices + mediums.

Please let us know if you have any comments, questions or queries

Hi @frankie thanks for this.
How is this different than the Website + “Generate QR” option? It generates a unique QR code for each claim link as opposed to one QR code for the “website” I guess?

Our use case doesn’t really have “room” for someone going around and handing out unique claim codes/URLS (be it text or QR code) to the participants. (It’s a time + social status thing.) As mentioned, it’s a fairly small, restricted context. No one is going to “steal” any POAPs. We’re not concerned about securing them really.

Would really really appreciate getting this Website request approved pretty please :slight_smile:

Hey @bopuc

When and where is the event?

Websites are appropriate for small-ish events, in real life, with short-ish mint windows. Usage outside this framework, particularly in virtual environments, will tend to result in exploitation. We’re trying to prevent farming. Farmers are malicious actors who attempt to collect POAPs for events/milestones in which they were not actually a participant.

Hi Fio. Thank you. It is a very small, closed-door day of presentations/workshop in the “real world” of Japanese tech academics and industry people. Not open to public, no “malicious actors.” I think the session where this POAP would be shared is via a Zoom presentation piped into the room, but again, this is not open to public, just the small group of attendees.

I may have set a wide mint window inadvertently. I can restrict it to just the day of (June 3rd).

Hey @bopuc

In that case, you can use the POAP Magic Dispenser :slight_smile: that @frankie already shared with you.
It’s a dynamic QR that you can share with your audience on the Zoom screen.

Here you can find a useful tutorial:

Thank you @Fio I have watched Dyl’s dispenser video a few times already.

I did ask, two responses ago, how this dispenser is technically different from a Website with QR generated. How does it prevent the “farming” you seem so concerned about ? (which, again, won’t happen in our case anyways)


Hey @bopuc

The Magic Dispenser displays a dynamic QR code, which shows 1 QR per POAP Mint Link.

Website is only 1 QR code for all the POAPs. So if someone takes a picture of it and post it on social media, all the POAPs are leaked. And also farmers can guess the POAP website URL.

I understand you’re not concerned about farming. But we do care about the POAP Community and we’re concerned about it. We created the Curation Body to ensure a healthy POAP ecosystem, and we offer a variety of distribution methods, each one being appropriate for a specific use-case.

Hi! Thanks again!

" dynamic QR code, which shows 1 QR per POAP Mint Link."
And this is why it is not appropriate for our use-case. We want our participants to access a single URL/QR, handed out once, and have them mint their POAP right then and there (without having to show each participant a different QR)

" I understand you’re not concerned about farming. But we do care about the POAP Community"
Sorry, let me rephrase that: No one at our event will behave in any way that will lead to such a leak or farming situation. These are mostly grown Japanese academic men in a very formal setting. There is literally like zero risk. (Aside: I don’t really understand, if in this super controlled and safe setting, the Website distribution method is not appropriate, why do you offer the Website distribution method at all?)

Perhaps I didn’t describe the use case clearly enough:

  1. super closed safe setting: real-world closed-door event with Japanese academics (our presentation will be “zoomed” in)
  2. we want to give them a single URL/QR to all participants in one shot. Distributing different codes/urls/QR to each participant individually simply is not feasible.

Sorry to go back and forth on this. :frowning: