#46029 awaiting Approval

  1. Drop ID :46029
    2.we requested 100 mint links for this drop
    3… * Telegram:Telegram: Contact @GolffProtocol
  • Twitter:https://twitter.com/GolffProtocol
  • Discord:Golff Protocol
  • Website:https://golff.finance/
    4.POAP has been offered to early community members of Golff Protocol Discord (top 100 users) since June 2022.
    5.Distribution plan:Issue mint links through administrators.
    6.I think that by giving certain rewards, providing community activity and user stickiness, we can make the community better and better.
    Thang you !
    I cancel the scheme of #45023

Hey @Golff
Thanks for your patience!

We need more info before we can proceed with a review: