# 45813 - Requesting Approval for additional codes

  1. Drop ID - #45813

  2. Community information
    Created by @JB_JB_J on twitter - Artist and living in web3

  3. Nature of the event
    Commemorating both the first ever Veecon (web3/tech) conference and the community interactions. For the first time in real life connections are happening within the community that has interacted via socials. This art drop commemorates the in life event and the connections occurring. Unique one a kind art made just for the event that can only be obtained by an in person meeting with the distributor which is myself.

  4. Distribution plan - Direct face to face with QR code creation

  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?

The initial request was for 420 codes, I was granted partial and received 69 links. Not sure why the full amount was not approved. This will be my 3rd curation and have more to come as I onboard people to the space. I am a trusted thought leader in the space and not a famer or looking to interact with farmers. This drop is for the close trusted community. While the potential exists for much more than 420 interactions, I assumed 420 would be an ok number to request. There will be approx 7-8000 people attending. I understand that requesting that many is not allowed or liked, thus my request for a smaller amount.
I am involved in many communities that drop POAPS with much larger numbers who never seem to have an issue with curation or approval.

I have been in communication with chat support on an ongoing basis as I learn more about how to operate most effectively in the eco system while keeping in mine the mission of POAP.

Hey :wave:

Can you please check the event ID? #45813 seems to be from another issuer: POAP Gallery

Apologies, The event # was 45183, however the codes were approved and this thread can be marked as complete. Thank you so much for the assistance

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