#45178 - Forefront's first W3CR Open Studio - 2022

Hi, sorry that I submitted a few different POAPs for Forefront in the past week (https://twitter.com/forefront__). Largely I have been testing things out so far, and have had requests from the team to change the image, leading to the last update. (in the future, I will draft a doc to get input from the team there before submitting!). But yeah, would love to get the latest one approved so I can set up a drop for those who attended the event. POAP

Nate (geko#5443 on discord, @nathansvan on twitter)

:wave: :ocean: @geko

Hey did you submit your drop request?

How many Mint-links was it for?
It seems your POAP was created, but no request was submitted.

Please follow this structure or your petitions will be flagged in the future.
Curation needs this information to assist you!

  1. Event ID:
  2. Community information ( All relevant socials Twitter, Discord, Youtube, Websites, etc.)
  3. Nature of the event
  4. Distribution Method
  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

I was waiting for the approval, but I guess in this case, when you request 0 links, there is no 24 hour approval, and the approval comes after you set up the delivery. This isn’t clear in the documentation. The way it reads here makes me think there will be two approvals: The drop approval (since you link to the How Do I Set Up a POAP Drop? article) and the delivery approval. But I guess there is only one approval. Now I know moving forward.

Hey @geko :wave:

Yes, there’s only one approval.
Thanks for the feedback about the Intercom articles, we’ll share it internally :pray:

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body