#45031 Awaiting approval for more mint links

  1. #45031 Getting Started with Ethereum

  2. Community information
    Courses - Decrypt

  3. Nature of the event
    Decrypt.co Crypto Courses with a final quiz to pass and earning a POAP as proof/certificate of it.

  4. Distribution plan
    POAPs link is shared with the user after he has read +1hour of content and successfully passed the final quiz. A user/ email address registered in our database can only claim 1 POAP per course/quiz passed. For tracking his progress and being able to take the quiz he needs to be registered in our website as a user. We make sure to make that safe via magic link for registering as well as for log in. All of this makes farming quite difficult or almost impossible.

  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    I think it is being held as we requested 3000 mint links, which we know is a big number. But our first 1000 POAPs were claimed faster than expected. We discussed with @frankie and Lucas Verra that if this happened and the project was successful we could ask for a refill with a bigger amount next time.
    I know only 3 days have passed since the refill request, but we are getting a lot of traffic on our website in our Courses and Learn section. Users are reading the content and finishing the courses and we really want to reward users for their learning effort with the proof of attendance.
    Please help :slight_smile: