#45031 Appeal for additional codes stuck - Ethereum Course

  1. 45033
    Getting started with Ethereum

  2. Community information
    World’s 3rd crypto media website. With around 4mill visitors a month.

  3. Nature of the event
    A New Course in the eLearning section of our website.
    “Getting started with Bitcoin”
    When passed final test, the POAP will be awarded.

3.Distribution plan.
Mint Links will be awarded after final test of the course is passed.

  1. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    No idea. Maybe you thought 5000 were too many POAPs? What would be a reasonable number you could give for our website with about 4 million monthly visitors.


Please reference my full-response on your another petition. :pray:


Hey Frank,
Thanks for your reply and for looking into this.
We’ve already discussed this project with POAP’s business team.
I’ve just sent you an email explaining the situation.


Hi again Frank,

Thanks again for your time.
So, following up with our case. We had a call today with Lucas along with our Head of Product and we went through our new product, etc.

Lucas suggested I go into more details with you as to how this project respects the mission of POAP, the anti farming, etc.
In the discourse I thought it was better if answers were short so as not to waste your team’s time (I know there are thousands of POAP requests).
My bad. Should have given a more detailed description before.

So here it goes a more detailed explanation:

  1. So in terms of POAP’s mission, the POAP in our case would be given after an achievement. As it’s definitely not easy for a user to get a POAP in our case.

It requires at least > 1 hour of reading (10 articles) and proven memory and understanding to complete the final test.
The reading of the articles will get checked with a combination of scrolling and time in the article.

The test itself is a multiple choice quiz consisting of 10 questions, which are not actually that easy. For instance, in the Bitcoin course we would be asking specifics about Taproot, and not questions sort of “What does BTC mean?”

So for passing the final quizzes the user should actually be crypto savy or really have read the articles with attention and properly understand them.

  1. In terms of anti-farming. We ensure the claim links are uniquely associated with a user account on our DB to make farming impossible.

Our signing up process is done using a magic link for security purposes. The account is linked to that email, and it’s not possible to claim twice the same POAP for the same user.
It’s only possible to assign 1 mint link per email / user account for a given course.

So in case a user would want to farm or cheat the system, the process is not so straightforward.

  1. About the number of POAP asked for at the beginning (5000) this was extrapolated from a large top of the funnel with our news content. It’s an optimistic scenario.

We agreed with Lucas to a more modest number of around 1000 to start, and in case we need more in the future once we are almost out of them, we’ll appeal to top this amount up.

Please let me know if this sounds good to you.
And if any more details or clarification is needed on this as to get approval by the curation team.

Thanks again.


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:wave: :ocean: @rodrigo

Thank you for providing these details :smiley: Much appreciated!!
The more detail, the easier it is for Curation to make a proper review.
I just able to communicate with Lucas.

Congrats!! Your drop has been positively reviewed for 1000 Mint-links :sparkles: :dizzy:
Let us know how your drop goes!

Also, please Let us know if you have any comments, questions or queries.

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body