[#44928] [05.19.22] [300 Mint Links]

  1. 44928

  2. www.degensports.io

  3. Thank you for joining us at the Super Party 10k with JDM Labs! You voted for the winner of our big match-up, and submitted your info - in exchange, here is a SUPER DEGEN POAP to commemorate the evening!

  4. We have a QR code that once scanned, allows individuals to enter their email addresses. Once they do, we will mail merge the emails with the individual POAP codes so they can be collected. Only people attending the event will have access to the QR code / landing pages.

  5. I typically get a response in 24 hours on a POAP approval and havent gotten anything yet

:wave: @arebbecchi

The Curation Body had reviewed your drop request with negative results.
POAPs are meant to be bookmarks of life’s remarkable events.
POAPs awarded for voting should have more meaning & impact behind them.

We look forward to reviewing your future drop requests!

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body