44738 - \|/8immortals_AMA_with_YoungChien (POAP Drop Request)

1. Drop ID
44738 -\|/8immortals_AMA_with_YoungChien
2. Community information
Twitter, Website, Opensea, Instagram, Facebook, ArtTeams
(This event will hold on 8immortals’ official Discord .)
2. Nature of the event
YoungChien is a famous fortune-teller in Taiwan.
He is coming to 8immortal’s AMA on 2022/05/19 at 21:00. (GMT+8)
3. Distribution plan
Discord bot to drop 300 POAP links.
4. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
In this AMA, 8immortals founder invites the famous fortune-teller YoungChien.
Talk about NFT, Web3, and how they could help the traditional fortune-teller culture. :star_struck:
POAP Preview

Dear POAP Reviewers,

I got an email that said the mint links request was passed.
But there are only 60 links.

So I request more in POAP Back Office you can check it and if there is anything I can do for the review please tell me. :wink:

Thank you so much!


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Thank you so much!!

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Congrats @guanny!
You’re all ready to go! :rocket:

All the best,
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