#44638 - Distributing via POAP Website

  1. Drop ID: #44638
  2. Community information
  3. Nature of the event
    Harvard Business School Online’s Connext 2022 conference, which is an annual event where former and current participants can learn and network.
  4. Distribution plan
    Via a POAP website.
  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    We changed our distribution plan after creating the POAP. We initially requested 401 mint links but later decided against one-to-one distribution and decided to go the website route. My understanding is that it’s now showing that we requested 802 links (or an additional 401 via the website). We’d like to just have 401 mint links that are tied to the website and not for individual distribution.


We cannot issue a website for a past event.
Do you have ETH or ENS addresses of your attendees?

Going forward, I would recommend the use of the following distribution methods.

Tool for printing Mint-links POAPs.agency

^ For in-person conferences, we recommend the use of the Magic QR dispenser or printed QR codes. ^

For online events:

Delivery if you have your attendees wallet or ENS information

The Bankless Degen bot is great for recording attendance, especially if you are running modules or AMAs over discourse or twitter spaces.

Please reach out in advance of your next event, happy to help you determine the most appropriate distribution method.

Additionally these resources will be extremely helpful with future drop requests.
POAP Help Center
Why-your drop-may-not-been-approved-yet
I’ve also attached 2 video tutorials that may be helpful.
POAP Delivery Tutorial
Community made resource: POAP-Master-Class

Please let us know if you have any questions, comments or queries.

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

Thanks, @frankie! The event was on Saturday and the POAP wasn’t formally created until Monday. We were hoping to share the website link via email (set with 401 mint links), so email recipients can enter their ETH or ENS addresses themselves and claim their POAP. We don’t have those addresses and would rather avoid requesting that info for security purposes. Is this distribution approach at all possible?

Hey @mgavin
If you have the emails of the attendees, you can use a mail merge platform to distribute the POAPs (here’s an example)

:warning: IMPORTANT: Do not send the POAP website URL through email because the POAPs could be farmed (minted by people who didn’t attend the event).