#44566 Request to resend edit code

@Fio Hello this is Amy, who previously spoke with you regarding the POAP drop request (Event ID: 44566)
(Previous topic: #44566 Request for approval of POAP)

Upon receiving the mint links, our developer experienced some changes for how they handle POAP in the server, for that they’d like to have the 6-digit edit code for some amendments on the event. Since I didn’t get the drop request confirmation email in the beginning, is it possible that you can share the edit code to our email, so we can do further edits for the POAP setup?

Please send to this email: chiyeung.yau@hku.hk

Thanks again!

Best regards,

Hey @amywwt

Ok sure!
I’m asking our dev team to re-send the first email :slight_smile:

Email sent!

Let me know once you have received it :slight_smile:

@Fio email well received! Big thanks for the help again :smile:

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