#44516 drops for competition

  1. #44516
  2. Community information
    Please add any socials, Discord links, or other information that Curators may find useful.
  3. Nature of the event
    we are doing a competition between 4 teams the one of the term to win is making a poap token and then distribute to ones who completed the puzzle.
  4. Distribution plan
    when individuals finished the puzzle room we made
  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    we are anxious about poap token because it didint approved yet. also we need it in maximum 10 hours because the competition will end by that.


Can you provide more information on your community?
What is IEEE Universe?

This POAP is for a Istanbul Kültür University related activity?
A IKU Calendar appears in your provided hyper link how is it related? ( You created this POAP with a @hotmail as well, if school related please utilize a .edu if possible)

our university (Istanbul Kültür University) and a company called coinoxs decided to make a competitive, game jam like event called MetaBang. Coinoxs gave us 36 hours and a temporary parcel to build on decentraland . They want us to create something creative, create and distribute poap tokens and marketing of the event.
IEEE Universe is our teams name we are entering under our school’s IEEE student branch. if its necessery i can recreate the token with my student mail.
here you can see the video of the event on our university instagram account

any update? anything i should do?


If you can, that would be best! Thank you for providing the link to verify.


We are closing this thread, due to inactivity.

Please reach out if you need further assistance.

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body