#43745 - Bittrex @Permissionless 2022 1/3


We are celebrating visiting three Bittrex stations at the upcoming Permissionless 2022 conference. We want to make sure the Bittrex audience in attendance is recognized.

We are distributing via a secret code on a landing page specific to that booth. Those who visit scan a QR and are prompted to enter the secret word that will grant them the POAP for that booth.

I believe this petition is being held because the curation body believes there is a more efficient distribution method, however we are unable to accommodate as all creative assets for the conference are finalized for all three of the booths. If the amount of addresses we are allowing to collect the POAPs is the issue for the method we’re using, we’d be open to scaling that back, however changing the delivery method would mean changing the creative that is already with the Permissionless event team and that’s not possible at this time. #43747 and #43754 will also likely be flagged for this reason.

Hi there! I edited the details in our three PAOP drops waiting for approval (#43745, #43747, #43754). Made sure to be specific around how we are delivering these POAPs to Permissionless attendees, what we want them to remember about the drop and how attendees will go about claiming the POAPs at the event. Hope to hear from the community on this soon. Thanks!

Hi POAP team. We’re kind of in desperation hours here, would appreciate a reply to help get these events approved.