#43745, #43747, #43754 - URGENT, 6 days and no approval

#43745, #43747, #43754

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We are celebrating our user’s attendance and experience at Permissionless 2022. It’s important becasue they are demonstrating that they are trading beyond the trend by attending the conference and learning more about the space.

We need a total of 30,000 POAPs (10,000 per station we have) and plan to distribute via secret word that is printed on the water bottles we are giving away. Attendees will scan a QR code that we provide which will direct them to mint the POAP. We recognize that the POAP QR Dispenser would be the best option, but we don’t have Bittrex reps going to the conference to set that up.

We aren’t sure why this is being held anymore because we haven’t been able to get in contact with anyone from the POAP team for clarification on the matter. It’s been 6 days since submitting all of our petitions and if we can’t get approval it’s going to look like a massive blunder on our part. The conference is now one day away. Expedited help would be much appreciated! Thank you!

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Hi @imorgan
30,000 POAPs is completely out of the question, in terms of responsible sizing; this is the most likely reason your drop is held. Further, a secret word is completely inappropriate as a distribution method for a drop this size. Secrets are well-used in the context of small, private events (where its unlikely that the secret will leak).

I was about to recommend the dispenser, but if there aren’t reps going, I can understand it’s unlikely to fly. This petition can’t be accepted in its current state, so please let me know how you’d like to proceed.

Do you see a way that in can be accepted without going the QR code dispenser route?

The only way would be to contemplate individual QR codes printed; even then, 30,000 mint links is an uncomfortably large volume.

Hi Isabel, thanks so much for your response. This is Lindsay - I’m the Director of Marketing at Bittrex. We are happy to reduce the volume to something much lower - we did something almost identical a couple of months ago for our birthday celebration. If we changed quantity to 1500 (500 each x 3 POAPs), would that work?

Hello again, if it’s helpful, here are three secret words we used to generate POAPs for our birthday and 1M Twitter milestone - this is the same mechanism and similar volume (a few hundred each).


We are unfortunately in a time crunch needing to understand how to get approval on these today as the conference starts tomorrow. Please let us know ASAP what we can do to get approval on this…

Many thanks,

Hi Isabella,
We are at a critical moment now and we haven’t heard from you in the last 6 hours - we have invested a significant amount in the water bottle sponsorship at Permissionless. 15,000 water bottles have already been printed with secret codes, and there will be negative business impact if we are unable to use the POAPs at all.

We chose the secret code approach based on our previous successful secret code events noted earlier in this thread - the only difference is the quantity we were requesting, which was based on your guidelines that say “The number of POAPs requested should approximate attendance somewhat closely.” I reviewed all of the guidelines around secret word and don’t see why our request would be denied - if it is, it seems rather arbitrary. We are more than willing to work with your team to understand how we can make the requested POAPs work for the event as intended - if we need to reduce the size of the drop, we will. Please advise ASAP.