[43717] delivery page 2285 Graduation for 8+ domain holders

2. Unstoppable Domains
Graduation for 8+ domain holders

I had to recreate this POAP because it expired before I was able to create the delivery site. The original was POAP #33263 (expired) The New POAP is 43717 and the pending delivery page is 2285. We use Premint for security. This poap is being given to community members who own more than 8 domains. It will ungate some discord specific permissions. Thanks so much Melissa

Congratulations on graduating to Unstoppable Octopi! Unstoppable community members like you are what make us truly Unstoppable! To show our appreciation here is a POAP that marks this moment in time. It will also ungate the Octopi channel in our Discord server, where you can tangle with the rest of the UD Octopi. As you continue to grow with us, we see you teaching others and helping along the way and we are so glad you are traveling with us on the blockchain. Let’s get on to mass adoption shall we?

Event/s: 43717