#43430 - ALTAVA State of Digital Fashion - 2022

  1. Event #43430, Delivery #2253
  2. Altava Second Skin is a fashion based pfp/metaverse project and community.
    ALTAVA Group
  3. We held a Twitter Spaces to discuss the State of Digital Fashion. Members from our team and experts in the field of Digital Fashion had a discussion about the State of Digital Fashion for our community. Providing our community with interesting discussions on digital fashion is one of the benefits of being in our community. This was our 2nd official Twitter Spaces.
  4. We gathered the ETH addresses of those who attended the Twitter Spaces. We will use the poap.delivery website for those approved addresses to claim.
  5. My petition may be being held because this is Altava’s first POAP.

I have done other POAP drops before for another community:

Hey @nimothy

How did you collect the addresses for this drop?
How did you verify participation?

Hi @Fio

To collect addresses for this drop, we used a google form that was active during the spaces that people could fill out. To verify participation, we asked people to a screenshot their screen showing they were in the spaces.

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