#43036 - StakebrogDAO AMA #6

Hello there,

I’ve been advised to make a post here for our request we posted last Friday. Hope all will be solved soon and thank you for your help and implication

  1. ID: #43036
  2. Community information
    discord: StakeborgDAO, site: https://www.stakeborgdao.com/, twitter: https://twitter.com/stakeborgdao
  3. Nature of the event
    Monthly AMA with the community
  4. Distribution plan
    we have a discord bot calculating the time people were in the AMA, so that only people who stayed in more than 30 min will get a POAP
  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    I think someone just skipped our proposal this time, because we have multiple POAPs generated and given to our StakeborgDAO community
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GM @curators Been speaking with them on intercom!
Looks like a good petition, let me know if I can assist anywhere :smiley:

TY! : )

:wave: :wave: :ocean:@iluvatar

The concern from curation body is that your last petition was positively reviewed for 50/50 Mint-links.
However, there were only 19 mints.

Do you actually require 100 Mint-links?

We recommend & typically insist on the use of The Bankless Degen Bot

Which bot are you using?

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

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Yes, 100 links, because we had like 140 people in, but we only chose the ones that stayed through the event. We used poap.xyz before, we had no problems and it’s for the same community.

The way we go is something like this:

  1. once per month we have an AMA, and we want to give poaps for the participants, around 100 eachtime, more or less
  2. we have week-ly community talks in our StakeborgDAO, and, from time to time, we give poaps as well (like around once every 3 times), around 60-70 people.

But the numbers can grow. Is there an issue regarding the number of links generated each time?
Because we really want to keep on going and we really love poap.xyz :smiley:


I am part of StakeborgDAO moderation team and the developer behind some of our tooling at StakeborgDAO.

I think there is a bit of confusion in here, caused by us for the most part. We did not really have a good coordination between our event creators and did not explain what we are trying to do in advance, sorry for that! I’ll try to clear things up now.

We have multiple recurrent events in our DAO, some organized by the core team, others organized by the community. Some of the events are taking place on Discord Stage, others are taking place on zoom (because of the 15 stream viewers limit on Discord).

At the moment there are 3 events on the pipeline:

  • AMA #5 - I am taking care of this one. This took place a while ago and I want to use it as a testing ground for the tool I will explain below. - POAP
  • AMA #6 - Iluvatar is taking care of this one. It took place around 2 weeks ago. Creation of event and distribution of links is done manually.
  • Community Talks #15 - Event already took place, but poap.xyz event has not been created yet. It is in the pipeline though.

The team organizing these events is quite small and they are doing lots of other things. At the same time, I’m a huge advocate of automating stuff. If you have to do a task at least three times, you should seriously consider automating it. I stepped up with a proposal to fully automate Discord Stages events. I also made a request for a poap.xyz API key and received it, thank you for that!

I created a tool, which is not 100% ready yet, but is in late stages of development, which works like this:

  • There is a next.js app where you enter all the events details (name, description, expirity date, how many minting links you want, the channel where it is taking place).
  • There’s a backend bot which does a couple of things, to begin with, it starts a Discord Stage event on the channel you selected.
  • The bot monitors the event as it’s taking place. Every minute it queries the audience and keeps track of the presence of every member. At the end, it outputs a list of users and how many minutes did each of them stay in the event.
  • The backend also creates a poap event using the poap API.
  • The backend listens to an email address ( poap.discordor@gmail.com ) for the minting links.
  • When the minting links arrive, it sends a minting link to each member which stayed in the event for longer than 30 minutes. To avoid scams and malicious messages, this is done on a private thread between the bot and the member on a restricted channel. It is not done in Discord DMs because…well, we all know how that could go wrong.

In short, this completely automates Discord Stages events and poaps. The tool creates a Discord event, creates a poap event, keeps track of the audience, waits for the minting links and sends them to whoever qualifies.

Because at the moment we are not 100% ready with it, I understand why it might create some confusion. We had some events created manually, while others were created automatically. I also had lots of test events, which I set as private, that’s what I’ve been instructed to do by Nisita Tappata when I received my API key.

The thing is, we sometimes have a bigger audience than we expect, so we might have to request more codes. I tried dry-running my bot to send minting links for AMA #5 but I noticed I run out of links before I run out of members. I want to do it automatically, so I first need more links before I can let the bot send all of them. That’s why I don’t have anything minted, but yet I am requesting more links for AMA #5. Probably a similar situation happened to Illuvatar, but he was doing it manually.

I am aware of Bankless’ implementation, it really is useful, but I wanted to take it a step further with my implementation (creation of events, listening to the email address, basically doing it end to end).

My dream is to get this tool fully functional, stress test it in our community, and when it’s ready, release it to the world for anyone to use. I think it would be a nice gift made by StakeborgDAO community for the entire DAOs space.

I hope this clears the situation a bit and once again, sorry for creating so much confusion. If there is anything I can help with, need any additional information or there are any changes which I could make in order to make your job easier, please let me know. You can find me at andreiv#4775 on your Discord server and also on StakeborgDAO’s server, as well as here.

Hope we can make this process leaner for everyone involved.

Thank you!