#42981 Approval of Mint Links

  1. Drop ID #42981

  2. Community information
    discord.gg/obscura ,

  3. Nature of the event
    “The World Today” reveal party

  4. Distribution plan
    Individual mint links for people who have missed out the POAP.

  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?

Hi POAP curation team, I had POAP website for people to mint and everyone claimed, but we had a few people who missed out and I have requested for 300 more individual mint link to be sent to people directly via DM. Thank you, this was an important event for our community and we don’t want people to miss out on the POAP.

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Been working with them on intercom!
Hoping to get this over the finish line, as its already a top up :slight_smile:

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Going forward, please stick to one discourse thread. Curation will answer you petition.

:pray: Thank you for your patience

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Noted, Thank you for all the help.