#42942 - Drop Approval Request

Hello, POAP Community

I am new to the forum. Together with several members of the RealT community, we are setting up a governance for the RealT community. For different proposals, we want to give POAPs to reward those who participate in the Snapshot

  1. Drop ID

My DROP ID is 42942 and the Proposal ID: 0x1c79fa644f55247aa22c3bda7f407b2c55144c7e503665d76efebd34dcd226d1

  1. Community information

Snapshot: Snapshot
Proposal: Snapshot
Project link with governance: https://realt.co/ and https://twitter.com/RealTPlatform

  1. Nature of the event

The purpose of this POAP is to symbolise the 1st governance voting proposal related to the RealT project. RealT which tokenises real estate. It is a community governance. The purpose of this 1st proposal is to ask the community if they recognise this governance supported by RealT

  1. Distribution plan

For each vote, the person who voted may receive a POAP

I saw that the NFT would be created at the end of the vote, I filled in the Google Form. But I had no confirmation that the team validated, is this normal? Could someone please check if everything is ok?

If you are interested in investing in tokenised real estate, think RealT…
thank you


We will be able to review your request shortly!

Expect to have an answer from us after your voting has ended :slight_smile:

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

thank you for your answer!

Hey @minus78

It seems you haven’t set up the POAP Snapshot Plugin yet.

You need it to reward the community with a POAP. Follow the steps in the article and let us know once you had set it up!

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

I don’t understand why there is a problem. The Snapshot plugin is activate. I saw the module in the proposal.

The proposal is here: Snapshot

@Fio @frankie I check the doc but all is good. I don’t understand

Hey @minus78
Sorry, my bad! I may have checked the wrong proposal.

Congrats! :tada:
Your Snapshot proposal has already been linked.

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

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