#42575 (Event) / #2226 (Delivery) - Valiant Discord - Group Comic Reading - Shadowman #14 - POAP #024

#42575 (Event) / #2226 (Delivery) - Valiant Discord - Group Comic Reading - Shadowman #14 - POAP #024

Hello there!

I’m requesting a POAP.delivery for our event: Valiant Discord - Group Comic Reading - Shadowman #14 - POAP #024

Event date: Wednesday, April 27th and Friday, April 29th

Event location: Valiant Discord - https://discord.valiantentertainment.com

User validation:

We used premint.xyz for users to sign up for this POAP. All provided ETH addresses were validated on Discord and Twitter by premint.xyz. The form opened as we started the event and closed right after.

POAPs were not mentioned before the event and the link to the premint form was only shared in the Valiant Discord during the event itself.

I removed as many entries as I could from users who weren’t at the event.



Hey @BeardlessDuck

The POAP Curation Body made a positive review on your mint links petition, but your delivery petition has received a negative review.

For Discord events, the appropriate distribution method would be Secret Word or Degen Bot. I would suggest using Degen, since it’s a reliable source to check the participation and distribute the POAPs automatically.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Happy to schedule a quick call with your team to discuss your POAP petitions and see how we can help you find the best way to distribute POAPs on your events.

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

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I’d love to have a chat about this because I feel that the degen bot is far less secure. Secret word is much worse than our method because if it’s shared, the whole thing can be minted out before the legit users can get it.

I think there is a misunderstanding from the POAP team about the methods we are using – they are more secure than a secret word or degen bot.

Hey @BeardlessDuck

Why do you feel the degen bot is far less secure?

The Degen bot is less secure because anyone could just bring a bunch of accounts into a Discord server and claim all of the codes. The only limit would be how many Discord accounts they have.

The only validation is that the person is in the Discord at the time of the event.

The method we’re using requires people to have a unique Discord account, Twitter account, and ETH wallet for each POAP claim. It also allows us visibility if people are claiming from the same IP address and we can remove the bad actors manually.

Our method has all of the advantages of the Degen bot and avoids the vulnerabilities.

The issue seems to be that some users in our Discord are “poison” users with a high POAP weight. These users will still get the POAPs either way because they are in our Discord and they are attending our events.

I seem to be unable to submit a new POAP.delivery request – I can only post appeals right now. Is that intended?

I’d love to chat on a call or something for next steps. I can use the Degen bot if needed, but I feel that it’s unnecessary because it’s more vulnerable to bad actors than what we’re currently doing.