#42251 The Merge & Weeth Chinese Ethereum Community AMA approval request

  1. Drop ID #42251

  2. Community information
    Ethereum Community Network(aka EthereumCN) is one of the biggest Chinese Ethereum community.
    Our twitter link: https://twitter.com/EthereumCN
    Our website: https://www.ethereum.cn/
    Our discord: http://discord.gg/eJJRBqKd3d

  3. Nature of the event
    With The Merge’s approaching, which is the most significant hard fork ever since the genesis of Ethereum, we want to bridge the gap between the Chinese Ethereum community with the mainstream one. With this aim, we are going to host a series of The Merge and Staking themed events. We have invited Hsiao-Wei Wang from the Ethereum Foundation and the representatives from Lido and Rocket Pool to be our guests for presentation and AMA. Hopefully, our Chinese Ethereum community members will be more informed of the upcoming transition to PoS, so that can be more aligned with the Ethereum community in the future. We are going to issue POAPs to encourage people to engage in the AMA sections.

  4. Distribution plan
    There will be 3 events held in 3 weeks in May from week 5/9 to week 5/23. Before each event, we would ask our community members to leave their questions in a specific channel in our discord. Only those who leave quality and real questions can get a POAP.
    We will claim all 500 POAPs after you give us the received links. Then, we will distribute them to our community members one by one through DM in discord after checking their proper participation.
    Thank you!

Hey @ECN

Thanks for the context!

How will you verify the participation in the events?

Hey, @Fio Thanks for your quick reply. We will pin the requirements of receiving POAPs in the channel of our discord, telling people that only relevant and real questions will be counted, and one ID can only receive one POAP in an event. The verification work will be done by ECN members manually. Also, people who actively participate in more than one event will have the opportunity to receive an extra NFT.

Hey @Fio, we just received the email with POAP mint links. But we only received 50, while we had applied for 500. Did anything go wrong?

Hey @ECN

Sorry for the delay. The POAP Curation Body made a partial positive review because your past events were farmed (it means they were collected by people/bots who weren’t at the event).

For this specific event, please distribute your POAPs and submit a top-up petition from the POAP admin panel if you need more POAPs.

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

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