#42016 - Art or DAI Battle #2 - Rui Zilhao vs. Obscure

Event ID: #42016 - Art or DAI Battle #2 - Rui Zilhao vs. Obscure

Community information ( All relevant socials Twitter, Discord, Youtube, Websites, etc.): Twitter: @ArtorDAI @bake_eth Website:www.artordai.xyz (under construction) Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4D2wb-8Wf0Qh6-nZOkL8-w Discord: TokenSmart - Artist Hour every Monday 6pm EST, Linkedin: ArtorDAI

Nature of the event: ART or DAI is a weekly metaverse art battle set up in Decentraland at coordinates 38,103, attendees receive a POAP for voting on one or the other artists’ work, and can only receive one POAP. Images of the event are attached. Video of the first event is forthcoming.

Distribution Method ( Mint-links, Secret, Delivery ): We have built a custom 3D model POAP booth which we place in the scene only during our Discord show on Token Smart called Artist Hour that starts at 6PM EST. Additionally, we will be using one POAP event as opposed to two, where the POAP counts as a vote which is programmatically kept track by the Decentraland scoreboard mechanism using the DCL SDK. This prevents double voting or token farming to the best of our abilities. We are actively maintaining a POAP farming blacklist by analyzing the CSV files and isolating addresses with obvious abusive activity. These addresses are then added to the blacklist code in our scene.json file before the DCL scene is deployed. This allows those players access to the scene but prevents them from interacting with our POAP booth. Please understand that this is a work in progress and we are trying our absolute best to ensure the integrity of both our communities and the POAP community.

Why do you believe this petition is being held?: There was some ambiguity on how we were scoring the events during our initial testing phase (Battle #1). Now we are only using one POAP per event (with each booth serving just one POAP, which then counts the vote on our custom scoreboard) and are still working on methods to prevent abuse. Additionally we are only requesting 500 tokens per battle as we grow our community and event offerings. We are currently working on some fixes stop prevent token farming, our last event was #40605, for the SpaceCadets NFT Launch, and we are currently examining this data to look for abusive wallets, which we will add to our blacklist document.