#41908 - April 29 - Approval request

Hello. This drop is a dry run test for an event we will host face to face with some 100 people on May 10th. We plan to print the QR code you would provide and display it live during the event. We would help people through the process (Download your App / Metamask). The participants are highly innovative scientists, technologists and entrepreneurs involved in digital health; we want to educate, train, introduce many of them to the world of web3. Details of the event are here: https://www.meetup.com/STEM4health-Berlin/events/284851158/. Thanks for your consideration.

Hey @yeysus :slight_smile:
I don’t see any code requests on our end. Did you request any codes for it yet ?
Your petition looks great, clearly marked as a test. It should have no problems getting approved for a small amount once you submit it.
If you don’t know how to request codes, you might want to visit the help page here

You could also contact our support under https://poap.xyz, but they are currently not online.

Hi @HeuRea , thanks for answering. I misunderstood something. I had read on the guide, … " If you intend to distribute your mint links via a Website, Secret, or Delivery, do not request any mint links on this page. Leave it as " 0 " "… I thought , if approved, I would get a mail with a link to that “Magic QR dispenser”. I wanted to print the QR code on A0 paper and display it near the entrance door, where some colleagues and myself would explain the people the process and the background, “What is a NFT, what is a POAP, what is a Wallet, what is this Ethereum”, etc. I will read the guide again; would appreciate if you point me out to obvious mistakes in my reasoning above. Thanks.

I think I got it. Here they imply, I can create that QR website without having being approved, How Do I Set Up a Website for POAP Distribution? | POAP Help Center. Ok, I will try this now. Thanks again.

Yeah, we don’t really “approve” the events themselves. We are only reviewing/approving code requests.
So if you don’t request any codes, we won’t have anything to

Also : The “Magic QR Dispenser” works with mint links and needs an active device, for example a smartphone/tablet.
You can see the different distribution methods here

I see that you made your request.
We reviewed it with positive results :slight_smile:
Make sure to use a hard to guess website-name for the real event.
Everyone who has the website name can mint your POAP.
We recommend just using something like this, to generate a random string.

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Thank you very much @HeuRea . Yes, it worked for me and for a friend as well, both using our Metamask addresses. I still want to test the “eMail option”. Three of us are right now chatting / working on this, figuring things out; mostly, how we “explain the process to participants that have never heard of wallets or NFTs”. Thank you very much again, own you a beer.

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