[41845] [April 29] [links]

  1. Event ID: 41845
  2. Community information: @florinouns
  3. Nature of the event: nft launch – twitter followers
  4. Distribution Method: direct links
  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held? It’s not being held but just want to explain our drop. I had previously put one in under Profwerder@gmail.com and we didn’t end up using those links in time. I had tried to extend but missed the window. This will replace that previously submitted drop. And this one I put in via a different email by mistake kwerder@fgcu.edu

Just wanted to explain this just in case you had questions.

Hey @kellyhaglund

Thanks for the info!

How do you plan to send the links?

These will be sent via dm on twitter to the specific followers. Thanks!

Thank you!

And which is the eligibility criteria?