#41252- Links Needed - The Gallery DAo

Hello! We made a drop for our first 100 members, however the link expired before we reached that number and so we create a second POAP. I haven’t received the links yet.

This is to mark the first 100 members in The Gallery DAO. Our twitter is twitter.com/thegallerydao and we have a telegram which is now private with our 100 members.

I think new links weren’t made because the first group weren’t claimed, however I don’t have the edit code to make them valid for longer so needed to create this second drop.

This is important because we will create xr experiences around the world and we want there to be a way for the original members to be identified and to be able to use POAPs features such as vote and raffle to reward them.

Thanks for your assistance here


It seems your event expiry has been expended, do you still require assistance?

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

Hello! I realized that the edit code is in the email (smart move there thank you) so I was able to extended and don’t need to a new token. Appreciate everything you do :raised_hands:

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