#40844 POAP Approval

  1. Drop ID 40844
  2. Community information
    Please add any socials, Discord links, or other information that Curators may find useful.
  3. Nature of the event
    What are you celebrating, and why is it important?
    Private Party Event with DJ Keyboard Monkey performance for holders at Bahamas event
  4. Distribution plan
    How are you planning on getting POAPs to individuals? individual DM to those who attended by guest list
  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held? Not sure, Good design, legit event, hope to get approved. Thanks!
    Sometimes, the information received by curators is insufficient to produce a positive review. If you have an idea about what may have flagged your submission, including it here may help

Hey @jaedyn

The POAP Curation Body made a negative review of your petition since it doesn’t quite comply with the POAP Quality Guidelines.

Size of the drop
The number of POAPs requested should approximate attendance somewhat closely. Curators monitor the size and nature of the community issuers’ request on behalf of to evaluate whether requests are reasonable. The choice of distribution method will impact the likelihood of particularly large drops being approved without revision or comment.

You requested 2,000 mint links while there are 1,2K NFTs holders.


  • Copy should include some information about the reason behind the drop: What is being commemorated?
  • Details on how the drop will be conducted should be written into the body text.

We also recommend adding your social media or website links to the description of the event, in order to provide more context to curators.

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns,

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

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