#39885-Need an approval for my drop-request-AMA event

  1. Drop ID

  2. Community information
    AMA Place:Telegram: Contact @CryptoMiners_Co
    Gemmouse Twitter on this AMA Event:
    AEX Website:(https://www.aex.com/)
    Crypto Miners Telegram group: Telegram: Contact @CryptoMiners_Co

  3. Nature of the event
    We are celebrating the AMA event launched by Crypto Miners on Vietnam Community, the AMA is about how AEX International Plan will be allocated on Vietnam Blockchain ecosystem, and it would be really important for us to give it a timestamp as it was the first step we take to open a full vision of the world. Since the POAP generated perfectly help us and our audience remember this event, we want this POAP can be approved. The POAPs are not for promotion, we didn’t mention it on the twitter, after we finish the AMA, we think it would be very creative to give out POAPs to those who attended the AMA, they will remember the AMA launched by us whenever they see the POAP they collected.

AMA details:
The AMA was launched on 6th April, we sent a Google Sheet to the community telegram group and we have set up some questions on the Google Sheet, for instance:

  1. What is this AMA all about?
  2. What is Vietnam Plan launched by AEX Exchange?
  3. What kind of events will be launched in the Vietnam community?

Only those who gave the correct answers will have their addresses be collected, so we have prevent the farmers from getting this POAP in this first place, only our true loyalty fans who actually join the AMA events will get this POAP.

  1. Distribution plan
    We have collected the ERC-20 addresses from our audience by Google Sheet, After the Secret Word been passed, we will share it to the POAP Collectors and they will download POAP app and collect the POAP.
    We choose the Distribution Method: Mint links

  2. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    We would appreciate it if you would accept our application. POAPs will be given as a gift to our users, it would be great if they are involved in the community, participating in friendly interactions and constructive discussions, it’s not a prize, it’s a memorable souvenir, a community builder identity and honor.