#39813, #39814, #39760 IRL POAP claiming via NFC tags

  1. 39813, 39814, 39760

  2. Community information
    FWB (https://twitter.com/FWBtweets)
    the public sign up, but we have private FWB attendants as well! FWB PNW presents: FlavOR and F… | Partiful
    the physical posters: https://twitter.com/styblova/status/1516244679028846596?s=20&t=4CWCb-pk8kVal_-nS7hubw

  3. Nature of the event
    We are celebrating the first gathering of the PNW Crew at an IRL agency studio event with local treats and art activities—hence the multiple poaps, very sorry for the inconvenience we didn’t quite think this through but already have the posters printed and NFC tags ready to go. We have a wine tasting section of the event, a live collaborative NFT Art building section of the event, and a mingling section where guests are encouraged to make friends IRL. We’d love to offer these POAPs as souvenirs of this web3 + real world crossover experience, and are hoping to let our POAP claimers use the POAPs in the future to redeem discounts from the vineyard that is providing the wine, for example, and to claim the collaborative NFT.

  4. Distribution plan
    We’d love to distribute these POAPs via NFC tags as claimable POAPs on a single website/link for up to 100 people. We will have three posters at the event with separate NFC tags for each, and ideally 100 claimable each.

  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    Likely there were various submissions regarding these events as I made a mistake in how I set it all up (the website accidentally came last, even though it was the more important element and I misunderstood what “links” meant in this context!

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Hey @styblova

Thanks for the info and the context!

We need you to make some changes before we can proceed: You would have to change the website URL. You are now using an easy-to-guess URL and farmers could steal your POAPs.

Farmers are people or bots that are only after free NFTs and can mint all your POAPs if they guess your website link.

It’s important to avoid using a URL name that is in the title or the description of the drop. We highly recommend using a GUID as a link generator.

Let us know once you have edited the website links!

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

@Fio Thank you so much for having a look at it! I just updated all three links for review!