#39811 - Xart Times Square Raid POAP Approval

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    Twitter: https://twitter.com/Xartvip
    Event Tweet: https://twitter.com/Xartvip/status/1514949351302643717?s=20&t=uAuEp8lOJdgefphRN9N7yQ
    Website: https://xartvip.com/
    Discord: Xart-Onepiece DAO

To celebrate Xart first offline event, Times Square Raid, in NYC. Educating and introducing blockchain to newcomers or believers let blockchain more worldwide. We believe this is a remarkable achievement for people.

  1. We collected wallet addresses at the event. Once the codes are approved then we are able to announce “how to get POAP” in our discord server and release POAP website for them to claim.

  2. I personally believe POAP is the only method to memorize remarkable moments in our life. Which perfectly reflects the POAP’s spirit. That’s what Xart wanna provide, a life-changing moment.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

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