#39495, 4/17/2022 Drop Request

  1. Event ID: 39495
  2. Community information: https://twitter.com/0xV0ult, 0xV0ult: Altitude
  3. Nature of the event : I’d like to give away three editions to people who redeem the POAP, whose secret word is created by combining the descriptions for each egg. I’m hoping to use the raffle feature as well!
  4. Distribution plan: I plan to use a Secret Word
  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held: I read in curator guidelines that requests will not be reviewed without submitting a request through discourse, so I’m submitting it here.

Hi, one of my participants indicated that they were unable to mint, but we’re at 70. Can you re-open minting and increase the limit to 1000?

Hey @0xv0ult

The Curation Body made a negative review of your top-up petition for several reasons:

1- Your drop was seriously compromised. Check out all the addresses with tremendous numbers of POAPs:

It seems that the POAPs of your drops were minted by farmers. Farmers are only after Free NFTs, they add no community value or engagement.
We want to make sure POAPs only are given to true community members & actual participants.

2- Secrets are not appropriate for past events. For past events, you can only distribute via mint links or Delivery.

Secrets should only be announced verbally, during Live events.

These resources might be helpful for future events:


Let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

The POAP Curation Body

Thanks! Yeah I learned a lot about this drop. I had no idea that people farm POAPs for fun, so someone must’ve gotten the secret word and dropped it to their discord. Next time I’ll use links and have people DM me to get their links with the answer instead.

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