#38808: Issue with Delivery


Creating this thread wrt to the conversation we previously had here: https://discourse.poap.xyz/t/38808-review-request-for-delivery-again/5128

The curation team said that the drop is approved, but the delivery in question is this one: https://poap.delivery/tenderize-testnet-chef. The other delivery (POAP ✈️ | Tenderize Testnet POAP) created was just test.

Can you please check regarding this delivery: https://poap.delivery/tenderize-testnet-chef

I also received the confirmation email regarding the creation, which I am adding below for reference:

Note that both deliveries are for the same drop and have similar names which might have lead to some confusion, sorry about that! The correct delivery name is tenderize-testnet-chef with ID #2124

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@curation Hey team! Working with them on intercom,
I have trouble shot:
-is it active
-is it within correct date
-is it approved (Not visible on petitions page)

And after checking active petitions under 38808 only the test one was visible and approved (55722)
+ They received an email about the request for the correct delivery.

This leads me to think that the approved test delivery may have been mistaken for their official petition (many more addresses)

Let me know what you think!

Hey @reuben
I suggest creating a brand new petition because as Dyllon mentioned, we can’t see your petition on the petitions page.

How many addresses have you collected?

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We are closing this thread, due to inactivity.

Please reach out if you need further assistance.

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