#37529 Invalid Claim Failure on QR generation and Emailed Link: Event Late Afternoon 4/7 ET


I hope all is well. I am reaching regarding event number 37529. I recently had 200 links approved and sent my way. I was conducting a test on the links and reached an “Invalid Claim: ClaimFailureCode.unkownError”. I had ran a test for both the Magic QR generator and simply emailing a link to myself. Attached here are the two claim errors I received.

EXDK5Q was the email test and 9Y5D8N was part of the QR test. Total I used three codes, the third being in the QR test as well. These are the only three codes that I inputed outside of the txt file sent by your team, so there isnt any way they could have gotten farmed on my end. And I checked the Redemtions and there haven’t been any yet.

The event is during the late afternoon tomorrow 4/7 ET so I would appreciate if we could resolve this before I start handing them out to people.

Thank you in advance for your help on this, so far I have had a very pleasant experience with your team.


I ended up figuring out the problem myself. This issue can be closed at your convenience.

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