#37366 Generating QR codes

Hey friends,

Got a bit of a complex issue here. Hoping for some clarity and help :slight_smile:

I created this event 14 days ago for a DevConnect side event which we’re hosting tmrw April 20th at 6 pm CET. This is relatively urgent!

Originally, when I got the event mint links, I submitted it to the Magic QR Code Dispenser (Magic POAP QR dispenser). At this time, the QR codes still worked! I test generated 2 or 3 claims, and 2-3 badges were distributed at that time 14 days go to some test accounts.

I’ve come back to check the QR code just to make sure the links still work… however the QR code from the Magic QR Code Dispenser now seems to be dead.

So I tried creating a new website and generate a new QR code from POAP officially (POAP). These links boot me out to an error page.

My question is… is this error as a result of the first two mint links (from the original .txt file) being already claimed from the first QR code? Leading to a clash? Or is the POAP QR code able to scan for the next available link on that list of mint links?

Hoping this isn’t confusing :smiley:
Images attached below.

Thanks in advance,

Error page:

Original QR link from Magic QR Dispenser:

New QR code from POAP Website:

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