#37021 - FantaVerse Dragon Ball collection, collect Dragon Balls to get rewards. #1 of 7

Hey POAP.xyz Team:

  1. Drop ID: 37021
  2. Community information
    FantaVerse is a 3D decentralized metaverse game with a Play2Earn ethos where players are rewarded for their meaningful contributions to the game’s ecosystem.
    Our Discord Discord
    Our Telegram Telegram: Join Group Chat
    Our Twitter https://www.twitter.com/FantaVerse_FTC
    A total of 7 Dragon Balls were released for the event and this is the 1st one. Collect all 3, 5, 7 Dragon Balls can be respectively rewarded by the event, come and join us.
  3. Please notice that the Dragon Balls are distributed in a white-listed manner.
  4. We plan to start distributing our campaign through our community and Gleam on April 6 and deliver it through poap.delivery with white-listed manner.


Hey @xmagic

Have you already submitted a petition for this drop? I couldn’t find it in our admin panel.

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We are closing this thread, due to inactivity.

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