#37005 - EGSCard - DIAMOND MEMBER - 2022 : DROP - 4/4/2022

  1. Drop ID - #37005
  2. Community information
    Please add any socials, Discord links, or other information that Curators may find useful.
  3. Nature of the event - Mint date release attendance, first start of our POAP collectbles
    What are you celebrating, and why is it important?
  4. Distribution plan : Dedicated discord channel to dish out mint links.
    How are you planning on getting POAPs to individuals?
  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held? Maybe short timing, submitted a little later than what I should have.
    Sometimes, the information received by curators is insufficient to produce a positive review. If you have an idea about what may have flagged your submission, including it here may help
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Hey @EyeGuyMatt

We have some more questions:

  • Who’s eligible to get this POAP? How do you determine participation?

  • How do you plan to distribute your mint links? Mint links should be sent individually to each collector.

This is a First Come First Serve claimable POAP (as with most of the ones we have)
Mint links will be unlocked and sent per user of the 1st 50 reactions in our Discord announcement.

Private links is what we requested as well.

Thanks for the context.

Are you hosting an event or something? What’s the reason for dropping this POAP?

Yes, this event is our mint date release.
This is collecting attendance for our active members, giving them something for showing up and joining the release of our mint date.

This is to help build a collection of “Digital Collectibles” via POAPs to mark who are our active/supporting members by giving them a documentation of which event’s they’ve attended and more. @Fio

To add on, this is a video that people have been awaiting to see, so we only want to allow 50 people as the first to essentially see the video get access to the POAP since it’s to mark the active members.


Do you pre-announce that you are giving-away a POAP in any way?

Hey @frankie
Yes, we just ran our announcement and let everyone know that we have a POAP coming and to keep an eye out for how to obtain it. Since we had to run the announcement already the way they’ll claim this will be by doing a retweet and posting proof in our Discord, this will also be announced but we are awaiting approval before we make that announcement as we want to have the links ready to not keep the community waiting.

We just made an announcement going over what a POAP is and how to claim so they all have a heads up before hand on that process too.

Hey @EyeGuyMatt

This is considered engagement farming :point_down:

When we say that POAP is an ecosystem for the preservation of memories, we intend for POAPs to be mementos of a particular experience. A part of the core value proposition of POAPs is that they are a souvenir your get simply for doing something you generally like to do in your life – there is no particular transactional incentive.

“Engagement farming” is generally defined as issuers using POAPs in a way that incentivizes transactional behavior. Any statement to the effect of “Do X to get a POAP” – particularly where X is an action that boosts performance in social media algorithms – is basically a marker of engagement farming.

“Like to get a POAP”
“Follow to get a POAP”
“Tweet about it to get a POAP”

Please read the POAP Quality Guidelines: Curator Guidelines: Creating Quality Drops

Ah yeah that makes sense @Fio @frankie

That was my just panicking as we missed the chance to do it when we came out with our phase 2 announcement and was thinking on the fly. Make complete sense how that’s engagement farming.

We honestly just want to pass this out to the active members and create a spark for them since we have a handful in our community. We asked for 50 as that’s the amount that seems best fit for this and for our active members.

This is to celebrate our next phase with the project and for being here and a part of it.

This Friday we plan on having another one that can be given out to everyone who shows up and participates for community game night.

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