#36745 - Bastard Gan Punk's Background Removal Event ✂ - 2022 - 4/4/22

  1. Drop ID: 36745

  2. Community information: Bastard Gan Punks

  3. Nature of the event
    We need to remove the Backgrounds from our ganpunks collection. Our community has created a website that combines a human user with an AI+machine learning software to complete our goal. We want to incentivize participation by our community.

  4. Distribution plan
    The Background removal website will count once an IP address has manually removed 20 backgrounds and then individually reward that visitors tracked IP address with the POAP only once. We hope to complete this event in 2 weeks. We will also distribute some of them one by one in the discord and some via the NFTYdaze POAP dispenser device. Thanks!

:wave: :ocean: @nftydaze

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