#36675 - Firefly Pioneer, private drop for eligible testnet participants. Error creating delivery

My name is Niko, I am the cofounder of Firefly (firefly.exchange). I am creating a private drop for around 27,700 whitelisted wallet addresses.

The wallet whitelist is ready, but when I press “Create Delivery” I get an error:

“Error creating delivery. FST_ERR_CTP_BODY_TOO_LARGE: Request body is too large”

Event ID#: 36675
Description: Firefly Pioneer POAP, awarded to all eligible wallet addresses that interacted with Firefly Testnets
Date: Claim was scheduled for Thursday 9am UTC, so I would appreciate if we could resolve this quickly.
Codes Requested: -
Distribution Method: Private drop, whitelist with 27.7k wallets.

Everyone that took part in our Final Testnet, and submitted their feedback was eligible.

We ran automated checks on the feedbacks to ban users submitting multiple entries from the same IP address. There was another check related to the time of submission, specifically, everyone who filled the form in under one minute was disqualified as it would have taken much longer just to read the questions.

I would appreciate your help in facilitating the drop. Best, Niko


Niko, please check: https://discourse.poap.xyz/t/36675-firefly-pioneer-drop-request/4607