#36675 Firefly Pioneer (Drop-request)

  1. Drop ID: 36675

  2. Community information
    Firefly is building a decentralized exchange for derivatives on Polkadot. Our mission is to combine the best of CeFi with the best of DeFi to create a compelling alternative for traders using centralized exchanges today.
    Discord: Firefly
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/fireflyprotocol

  3. Nature of the event:
    The Firefly Pioneer POAP commemorates 27.8k participants of the Final Firefly Testnet. All participants that interacted with the Firefly Testnets, made at least one trade, and provided feedback were considered. The final eligibility is at around 27.8k, from the 69.2k that fulfilled the above requirements. We took great care to limit the influence of unfair practices, especially as it relates to signing up multiple accounts per person. Specifically, all multiple submissions made from the same network IP were completely discounted. Additionally, all accounts that completed the feedback in under one minute were not considered as it would take longer just to read the questions. The automated filtering process further included screening participants by the uniqueness of email addresses, trading activity, access dates, and times of feedback submissions.

  4. Distribution plan
    Delivery. There is a whitelist of 27,800 wallet addresses.

  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    We have not received an official resolution on the last Discourse post created - https://discourse.poap.xyz/t/36675-firefly-pioneer-private-drop-for-eligible-testnet-participants-error-creating-delivery/4513
    More information: There was an official Twitter announcement stating that those who sign up will have a chance to receive the Pioneer POAP NFT. The intention was to commemorate and reward (in the future) the earliest supporters, and not to generate fake social traction. We also took it very seriously to limit any eligibility of those with multi-accounts and those who behaved dishonestly by e.g. using bots. Eligibility criteria were not announced until after the Final Testnet:

Please let us know if there are questions or concerns. We’d be happy to offer further information.

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Hey @FireflyNiko

Thanks for the context.

27,8K is a huge drop, not only for a first-time issuer but also for experimented issuers.

How do you determine participation?
Which users are eligible for your POAP drop?
Do you plan that all the people who sign up receive the POAP?

Thank you @Fio for a swift reply.

I will start from the top.
How do you determine participation?
Allow me to be exact - in terms of unique wallet addresses that interacted with Firefly testnet exchange contracts there were 5,732 during the First Testnet in February, and 86,660 during the Final Testnet in late March (on-chain data). There were no stated benefits of testing during the First testnet; we did not identify any dishonest farming/multi-account activity in the feedback submissions and therefore all 3,032 beta testers that provided feedback in February are considered eligible for Firefly Pioneer. Since we didn’t collect wallet addresses in the feedback form we reached back out to those beta testers and received 2,141 wallet addresses so far (those are still trickling in, that is why the number of whitelisted wallets increased by about 100 from 27.7k on my previous post).

From the 86,660 wallets that interacted with contracts, we received 66,234 feedback submissions. This time there we saw people with having multiple accounts. The beauty of Typeform (compared to e.g. Google Forms) is that it collects Network IP data. One user, for example submitted 318 identical feedbacks from different emails from the same Network IP.

Which users are eligible for your POAP drop?
The purpose of both test deployments was to collect feedback on the trading experience and further smooth the rough edges before an upcoming mainnet. The feedback form on the Final Testnet consisted of 8 required questions about their experience which necessitated beta testers to spend at least 1-2 minutes on it if they didn’t have any bugs to report.

Interacting with the exchange required inputing using an email address to claim test USDT token, so we have a database with email + corresponding wallet addresses, and the trade history of each wallet. There are 86,660 unique email addresses+corresponding wallets in that database. Eligibility - the first filtering step was to only consider wallets that interacted with the Firefly Testnets, made at least one trade, and provided feedback with the corresponding email. We received 66,234 feedback responses, from which 61,189 entries were eligible (some emails in the feedback didn’t match the wallet address in the testnet DB, or the wallets provided for POAP NFT were in the wrong format).

Starting with these 61,189 entries, we were very careful to limit unfair practices, especially providing feedback from multiple accounts per person. Having the Network IP data for feedback submissions allowed us to completely discount all submissions whenever there were 3 or more submissions from the same Network IP (we allowed 2 submissions from the same IP, as people live together, share networks, could use the same VPN, etc).

Then, timing of feedback submissions was considered. There were 4 filtering steps.

  1. All feedback submissions completed in under one minute were discounted.
  2. All feedback submissions with 6+ entries started at the exact same second were discounted.
  3. All feedback submissions with 6 + entries finished at the exact same second were discounted.
  4. All feedback submissions with 10 + entries that took exactly the same time (again rounded to nearest second) were discounted.

The numbers 6 and 10 were not completely arbitrary; they came from visual investigation, and were chosen to be statistically reasonable to not discount single-account testers on the basis of e.g. submission time. We did see lots of bot submissions coming from different IP’s, which would start or finish at the same time, or take exactly the same time to complete, .

While it was not exact science, the above process allowed us to discount 34,487 submissions that were coming from the same IP’s, or that were automated programs using different IP’s (the airdrop farmers we saw were very sophisticated). This left us with 26,702 of what we considered honest submissions, unique to the Final Testnet.

Do you plan that all the people who sign up receive the POAP?
I believe this is answered above. We took care to build a community of real testers, not a community of bots and airdrop farmers. The list at the moment contains 28,843 wallet addresses eligible for the drop.

I understand the drop size is a concern, and that we don’t have any history with POAP. Please let us know if we can offer support in any possible way to make it happen. I will be waiting to hear back from you.
Thank you in advance.

Oh dear.

Hi @FireflyNiko - the first thing I’d like to say is a massing thank you for the diligence in this request. I clearly see that you guys went through great efforts to curate the list of collectors eligible for the POAP.

With that being said, I’m sorry to say: we’re still unable to process it.

There are very few instances I can recall where we’ve had to decline a drop due to genuine throughput issues; we rarely support drops over 2000 people unless there is a clear and coherent plan for distribution (because of the farmer issue) and tend to take excessive caution with drops over 10,000 POAPs which tend to strain the system (but if claims are dispersed, done partly via email, and so forth, things can be okayish). The 29,000 drop you’re proposing is simply somewhat beyond the constraints of what’s feasible.

I’m happy to pursue solution finding offline. The first thing we ought to do is look at the dataset of wallets-- on our end, we’ve developed some (relatively reliable) methods of spotting bots, so there may be a point to making the filtering eligibility on your end somewhat more aggressive. The second thing (if there are truly 29K legitimate entries) is to explore how to get this done - there may be ways of batching out the minting that would suffice, but this is truly a last resort. Preferably, we raise the criteria for eligibility somewhat.


Thank you, @isabel, your message is encouraging. I understand now there are technical constraints on your part, and that making sure the delivery system runs smoothly for everyone involved is a priority. It was not our intention to interfere with your operations, we simply didn’t realize the limitations.

We would be happy to work together on adding another filtering step, and on modifying the distribution according to the capabilities. We would also be happy to support the implementation of the batching (even manually, if necessary) if that helps minimize the overhead on POAP’s team.

I am looking forward to our conversation. Please feel free to reach me on Telegram: @nikod3m7 or via email at niko@firefly.exchange
Thank you!

Hi @isabel, hope you are doing great.
Please let me know how we can best proceed. I can be reached on Telegram: @nikod3m7 or via email at niko@firefly.exchange

Looking forward to your message :blush:

Post script: This request was ultimately rejected by the POAP Curation Body, as it was not viable in the presented format.