#36469 - PoodleDunks NFT Poker Night w/ Special Guests: Society of the Hourglass - 1st Edition POAP - 2022

  1. Drop ID
  2. Community information
    Please add any socials, Discord links, or other information that Curators may find useful.
    PoodleDunks discord: PoodleDunks!
  3. Nature of the event
    What are you celebrating, and why is it important?
    Multi-NFT Community group poker event.
  4. Distribution plan
    How are you planning on getting POAPs to individuals?
    Secret Word of 222 links requested.
  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    I have no idea. No email received.
    Sometimes, the information received by curators is insufficient to produce a positive review. If you have an idea about what may have flagged your submission, including it here may help

Hey @PineapplePen

Your petition was on hold because the claim window was too long (2 weeks). For Secret Word, the claiming window should be from 10-15 minutes.

As it’s a past event now, Secret Word is not the appropriate distribution method.

Do you have a list of the attendees?

Wow, I didn’t realize how “manual” the poap process is. There are no restrictions in the UI ??

Why is there also no contact when a poap application is placed on hold?

I have a list of names but it would be a lot of work to get wallets. I hate to reach out to people one at a time with the links. That’s a lot of wasted time.

What do you suggest?

Hey @PineapplePen

Yes. Curation, the process of manual reviewing drop petitions, is a core function of what POAP does. You can learn more about the POAP Curation Body here: Introducing the Curation Body. What does a decentralized organization… | by Isabel Gonzalez | POAP | Medium

If you have a list of the addresses, you can use POAP Delivery. Delivery is a tool that whitelists Ethereum wallet addresses to be eligible to mint a particular POAP.

In this case, distribution is not manual (you will have a link where people should enter, input their wallets and they receive the POAPs)

Let us know if this could work.

The POAP Curation Body