#36347 PeopleDAO FireSideChat POAP - April 2, 2022

  1. #36347 - PeopleDAO FiresideChat POAP
  2. Hello! Its Pikachu for PeopleDAO again! PeopleDAO is a metaDAO that is for improving and supporting various Web3 infrastructure to give power to the people of Web3. people-DAO.com is our website!
  3. This POAP event is for our weekly fireside chat discussing the team and project updates. We hold this every Saturday to keep our community updated.
  4. I am requesting the codes in advance so that after the Fireside chat POAP, they are able to claim. After approval of the links (We need 350 links as this is our average number, we cannot guarantee everyone will get a POAP even if they join) we plan to use degenbot for an allowlist of people who joined and then distribute through the same bot.
  5. This can be quite an experimental drop for our weekly POAP event. Last time, we tried to use degen bot for allowlist before creating the DROP but this time, we wanted to try an approach where after they have joined the meeting, they can automatically retrieve the POAP. We plan to do this by utilizing degenbot and submitting a POAP in advance.

Congrats, looks like your petition received a positive review for 50/350 mint links. You can request a top-up later if you need more codes.

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

Hi @Fio,
Thank you!

I was not able to receive a notification on my email for the event or the links.

Is there a way to check if its been sent to secretpikachu@protonmail.com ?

Thank you!

Hey @secretpikachu

Have you checked all your inbox folders? Spam, Promotions, etc…

Hi, @fiorescan

Yes, I have received an email for the event creation but none for the POAP links.

Hey @Fio, not to hurry you or anything!

But yes, I have checked all my folders and have not received the links for the approved 50 out of 350. Is there a way to check the system? I requested these links in advance of the April 2nd but now they are a bit late.

Thank you for all that you do!

Hey @secretpikachu

We’ve sent the email again. Can you please check if you received it :pray:?

Thank you!

I have received it @Fio ! Thank you very much

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